Animators Needed!

We're working hard to make this enormous display a reality, but we need great content to really bring it to life! We're looking for talented animators to create amazing audio-visual pixel animations. Anyone is welcome to try their hand at creating an animation for Tower Lights 2012. To create an animation, just download and run the Tower Lights Animation Creator below, pick a song, draw your animation, and email us what you come up with!

Animations must be submitted by the end of March 27th April 10th, 2012 to be considered. If we receive too many submissions we will select the best ones to fill a 30–60 minute show. Creators of the chosen animations will have their names announced during the show and displayed on the website.

Content Creation

Use the Tower Lights Animator to create content for the event. This tool allows for easy creation of frame-by-frame animations, synchronized to an audio file. Lights can be turned on with a simple left click, and turned off with a right click. Other features have been added for rapid development of animations.

To Use:


Content Submission

To submit an animation to the Tower Lights Crew, send your animation file (*.tan) and audio file to

Tower Lights Animation Creator

Tower Animator v0.3 (No Installer)