Damian Ball
Damian Ball
His code base is expanding faster than the universe, and still remains readable. He once trained his computer to sleep for him, just so he could spend more hours of the day being awesome. The best compilers pause during compilation to check with him on correct syntax. He is, the Most Interesting Grad Student in the World.
Roles: Network Programming, Web Programming, Logistics, Public Relations
Brandon Morton
Brandon Morton
Brandon is a coding machine. We lock him in a basement, lower food and water down in a bucket, and wait for him to program a masterpiece. The darker it is, the faster he codes.
Roles: Animation Creator Programming, Logistics, Hardware Manufacturing
Tim Tate doing his best walrus impression
Tim Tate
Tim is our guiding light and inspiration for this project. We all wish we could be a little more like Tim.
Roles: Hardware Design, Hardware Manufacturing, Web Design/Content, Logistics, Grand Poobah